• 29 Aug, 2014 » The Apocalypse Channel will begin expanded broadcasting on Sunday August 31 at 8AM Central time.
  • 29 Aug, 2014 » "Revive L.A." featuring Elder Moses Mason and Pastor Jeremiah Davis will take place December 8-13, 2014, at the White Memorial SDA Church in Los Angeles, CA. The week will include a School of the Prophets and Revival Weekend. For all details contact Br. Elvin Bridges at (323)620-4506 or livingmanna@yahoo.com.
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This channel is dedicated to broadcasting timely messages and practical information about the present truth for this time.

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e1special1004 (5 months, 4 weeks ago)
Is It Possible To Get A Loan To Purchase A Country Home? Evelyn from Broadview, IL
MICMAN (1 year, 3 weeks ago)
Upper Room Campmeeting Streaming Schedule:

Tuesday evening opening session 7pm CST

Wed- Fri...
6am Early Morning Worship
9:30am Morning Clbottom
12:15pm Midday Session
4pm Evening Session
6:30pm Nightly Session

6am Early Morning Worship
9:30am Sabbath School
11am Divine Hour
5pm Evening Session
7pm Nightly Session
jesusdacreator (1 year, 2 months ago)
Hello brothers and sisters, its not functioning the chat feature when I tried it.
Meta (1 year, 2 months ago)
Hi Folks,

What is wrong with the chat function -do we need to pay for this feature??

Happy Sabbath!
hisrose (1 year, 3 months ago)
Finally. I can now watch the Apocalypse channel from my Android phone. It reboots occasionally while I am driving ( I keep it on the seat next to me. I don't hold it or look at it). However, at home or within a structure it plays a whole lot better.