by 3AngelsTube Tream on 17 June, 2013

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New software allows users to share and record desktops in High Definition

3AngelsLive has launched the HD Wave Desk Share that allows users to broadcast their desktop online in stunning high-definition. Users can broadcast PowerPoints, web pages, documents, video, and anything else from their full desktop or a portion of their desktop. The module offers the highest quality broadcasting at the resolution of the user’s desktop up to 1080p.

“With the flexibility of HD Wave Desk Share , users can easily broadcast or re-broadcast anything from their desktop,

HD Wave Deskshare

The HD Wave Desk Share can be used for many purposes. For example, users can provide narration through a microphone while sharing a PowerPoint presentation, broadcast interviews from a chat, or even record a portion of the desktop with notes posted outside the capture area that are only visible to the user. The HD Wave Desk Share also features Picture-In-Picture (PIP) that allows multiple videos to be shared at one time. The desktop can also be shared at full screen with a camera on the speaker for professional presentations. With the Local Record feature, the HD Wave Desk Share , auto records your broadcast even if the internet connection is lost.

Other functions of the HD Wave Desk Share include the ability to:
• Customize the size of the screen using picture in picture

• Share the entire desktop or snap to a specific zone

• Stream or record any portion of the desktop in standard or high definition

• Locally “record” your session or lesson to a local video to edit, publish, or repurpose

• Record to the server simultaneously and instantly publish the session or lesson

The HD Wave

The HD Wave enables its users to instantly stream LIVE in HD quality without any propriety hardware. With the HD Wave, broadcasters can stream LIVE events such as church servies, camp meetings, IPTV stations, seminars, any faith-based services or corporate events to anyone in the world. The HD Wave can be integrated to stream through IPTV networks such as 3AngelsLive , Justin.TV, Livestream or CDN’s through an RTMP protocol.

The HD Wave